Alan Wake 2 Cinema Walkthrough


Alan Wake 2 Cinema Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 takes players on a gripping journey through the enigmatic and otherworldly landscapes of the Dark Place. As you navigate through the intricate storyline, the Cinema chapter presents its own set of challenges and puzzles.

In this detailed walkthrough, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the intricacies of the Alan Wake 2 Cinema chapter, helping you uncover the secrets within.

Alan Wake 2 Cinema Guide

The chapter kicks off in the Talk Show Studio, immersing players in the unraveling narrative of Alan’s struggles within the Writer’s Room. Begin by saving your game in the studio, setting the stage for the challenges ahead. As you explore the surroundings, Alan suggests the first step is to find Zane, pointing you towards the Oceanview Hotel.

  1. Navigate to the Oceanview Hotel:
    • Head around the TVs in the Talk Show Studio.
    • Ascend the steps leading to the street above.
    • Follow Alan’s suggestion and press onwards towards the Oceanview Hotel, located directly opposite the studio.
  2. Reaching Room 665:
    • Enter the hotel and reach the Entrance Hall.
    • Take a right, enter the elevator, and reach the sixth floor.
    • Head into Room 665 and interact with the projector.
  3. Interacting with the Projector:
    • The projector will display a movie of Alan on the screen.
    • Interact with the screen, triggering a significant cutscene that unfolds crucial elements of the storyline.

Reach the Poet’s Cinema

With the cutscene complete, Alan now has a new goal: reaching the Poet’s Cinema. It’s time to delve deeper into Zane’s film and uncover the mysteries that lie ahead.

  1. Leaving the Oceanview Hotel:
    • Exit Room 665 and leave the Oceanview Hotel through the main entrance.
    • Find yourself back in the Dark Place’s main square.
  2. Journey to the Car Wash:
    • Head southeast to the Car Wash located in the corner of the map.
  3. Entering the Cinema:
    • To gain entry to the cinema, use your ticket at the booth entrance.
    • As you step into the theater, you’ll find yourself in the Lobby.

Solve Puzzles and Secrets

  1. Navigating the Lobby:
    • Proceed to the balcony and observe the Echo.
    • To activate it, aim it at the right angle to match the images.
    • Obtain the Cult Of The Word, a crucial Plot Element for this location.
  2. Using the New Plot Element: New York’s Finest:
    • Utilize New York’s Finest to remove the barricade and open the door to the Theater Hall.
    • Inside, climb onto the stage via the side stairs and view another Echo.
  3. The Lit Room and Angel Lamp:
    • Move to the lit room at the rear of the theater.
    • Use the Angel Lamp to extract light from the room.
    • Apply New York’s Finest once again to open the door to the stairs.

By following these steps meticulously, you’ll progress through the Cinema chapter, unlocking new plot elements and delving into the heart of the Dark Place’s mysteries.

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