Alan Wake 2 Watery Cult Stash Walkthrough

Lovekaran Singh

Alan Wake 2 Watery Cult Stash Walkthrough

In the cool town of Watery in Alan Wake 2, there are secret spots called Cult Stashes. They hold important things and creepy hints from the mysterious Dark Presence. Alan needs them to stay safe and figure out the strange story. Finding these hidden spots is like solving a tricky puzzle using sharp eyes and a smart brain.

Watery Cult Stash Alan Wake 2

Finding these hidden spots is like solving a tricky puzzle using sharp eyes and a smart brain.

1. High Trail Puzzle

Walk through the forest trail until you see a map sign. Go right, crawl under boards, and climb up a ledge. You’ll find a special page and a locked box. Watch the buttons on the lock light up, then copy the order to open the box and get important supplies.

2. Archery Range Bounty

In the Hunting Lodge, turn on the generator outside to open the Break Room. Find a big box with a lock on the left side. The key is hidden in the archery targets nearby. Check the targets with crossbow bolts stuck in them: Target 5 has one bolt, Target 2 has two bolts, and Target 7 has three bolts. Put in the code 527 to unlock the special Crossbow, a strong weapon for Saga’s fights.

3. Smile’s Hidden Key

  • Explore the Coffee World theme park and go towards the Kalevala Knights workshop entrance.
  • Look to your left, away from the gate, to discover a secret Cult Stash.
  • The key to open this hidden treasure is behind the giant coffee mascot near the park’s southern exit.
  • Go to the back left arm of the mascot, check the ground underneath, and you’ll find the key.
  • Use it to unlock the stash and find an important clue for Alan’s investigation.

4. Striped Cup Riddle

Go to the big Ferris wheel in Coffee World near the Slow Roaster. There’s a secret hiding spot called Cult Stash. Look for cups with stripes on the Slow Roaster (5 cups), Espresso Express (4 cups), and Latte Lagoon (2 cups). Add them up and use the code 542 to open the stash and find cool stuff inside!

Alan, use your sharp eyes and smart brain to find them. Look everywhere, solve the puzzles, and discover the secrets in the Watery Cult Stashes!

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