All Crafting Bench Upgrade Lego Fortnite Guide

Lovekaran Singh

All Crafting Bench Upgrade Lego Fortnite Guide

LEGO Fortnite’s crafting system adds a unique depth to the battle royale experience, allowing you to forge powerful weapons and tools. But unlocking the full potential of this system lies in upgrading your crafting bench.

This guide will be your roadmap to mastering the craft, providing everything you need to know about upgrading your bench and reaping the rewards it offers.

Crafting Bench Upgrade Lego Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite features three rarity tiers for crafting benches: Common, Uncommon, and Epic. Each tier unlocks higher-quality recipes for weapons, tools, and structures.

The Upgrade location

To climb the crafting ladder, you’ll need to gather specific materials for each upgrade:

  • Common to Uncommon:
    • 8 Planks
    • 3 Shells
  • Uncommon to Epic:
    • 12 Knotroot Rods
    • 15 Marble Slabs
    • 6 Sand Claws
    • 3 Sand Shells
  • Epic to Legendary (future update):
    • 15 Copper Bars
    • 25 Obsidian Slabs
    • 1 Brute Scale

Finding the Materials

  • Planks: Refine wood in a Lumber Mill (built with Wood and Granite).
  • Shells: Defeat Rollers (small, ball-shaped enemies).
  • Knotroot Rods: Harvest from Knotroot Shrubs in the Oasis biome.
  • Marble Slabs: Mine Marble deposits in the Oasis biome.
  • Sand Claws: Defeat Sand Claws (larger, yellow-furred enemies) in the Dry Valley biome.
  • Sand Shells: Defeat Sand Rollers (similar to Rollers, but found in the Dry Valley).
  • Copper Bars: Smelt Copper Ore in a Metal Smelter (built with Bright Cores, Obsidian Slabs, and Blast Cores).
  • Obsidian Slabs: Mine Obsidian deposits in Dry Valley caves.
  • Brute Scale: Defeat Brutes (dinosaur-like enemies) in any biome.

Unlocking More Recipes

Upgrading your bench doesn’t automatically unlock all new recipes. You’ll need to encounter the relevant materials in the world to see their recipes appear. For example, finding Copper Ore is necessary to see Copper Bar recipes on your upgraded bench.

Benefits of Upgrading

Each upgrade expands your crafting horizons, offering:

  • Higher-tier weapons and tools: Craft powerful weapons and durable tools for enhanced combat and resource gathering.
  • Advanced structures: Build sturdier and more versatile structures, like advanced traps and defenses.
  • Unique resources: Gain access to recipes for special resources used in crafting endgame items.

Tips for Efficient Upgrading

  • Prioritize resource gathering: Focus on collecting the materials needed for the next upgrade before venturing into new areas.
  • Explore different biomes: Each biome offers unique resources needed for certain upgrades.
  • Build resource processing stations: Lumber Mills, Smelters, and Gem Cutters streamline resource refining for crafting materials.
  • Utilize your upgraded tools: Once you have a stronger pickaxe or axe, harvest higher-tier resources more efficiently.

By following this guide and embracing the spirit of exploration, you’ll soon be crafting legendary gear and dominating the LEGO Fortnite battlefield! Remember, patience and resourcefulness are key to mastering the craft and unlocking your full potential in this brick-tastic world.

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