Fix Apex Legends Orientation Match Glitch


fix apex orientation match glitch

Apex Legends, a game renowned for its adrenaline-pumping battles and slick movement, has unfortunately become infamous for its occasional dose of unexpected bugs.

One such gremlin plaguing players recently is the infamous “Orientation Match Glitch,” trapping players in a limbo of endless tutorial matches. Fear not, fellow Legends, for this guide will arm you with the knowledge and potential solutions to escape this digital purgatory.

How to Fix Apex legends Orientation Match Glitch

Sweat beading on your brow, you yearn for another dive into the Kings Canyon crucible. But alas, upon attempting to queue, you’re unceremoniously dumped into… Orientation Matches.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Reports of the Orientation Match Glitch have proliferated across social media, affecting players on both EA App and Steam, across ranks and smurfs alike. The frustration is palpable, with players locked out of their usual Apex experience, unable to progress, earn rewards, or enjoy the competitive thrill.

Escape Routes through the Bug Zone

Fear not, Legends, for valiant players have ventured into the glitch wilderness and returned with potential solutions. Here’s a map of your escape options:

The Training Ground Fix

Some intrepid pilots report that completing the Training Mode can break the Orientation Match chains. While not a guaranteed method, it’s worth a shot for a potential quick fix.

Patience can be a virtue, even in Apex. Reports suggest the glitch can resolve itself after some time, potentially due to Respawn intervening on their end. Give it 30 minutes to an hour, and fingers crossed, you’ll be back in the drop ship queue

Account Switching

Some players claim success by logging out of their affected account and switching to a different one. If you have a Smurf or another Apex account, this might be a temporary workaround until the glitch on your main is resolved.

A Call to Arms for Respawn

While players explore workarounds, the ultimate responsibility lies with Respawn to banish this bug from the Apex Games. We urge the developers to prioritize a swift and permanent solution, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience for all Legends.

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