Fix Baldurs Gate 3 Iron Throne Quest Bug

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Baldur's gate 3 Iron Throne Quest Bug

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated role-playing video game, has captured the hearts of players with its immersive storytelling and complex gameplay. However, like any ambitious RPG, it’s not immune to bugs and issues. Among these is the notorious Iron Throne quest bug, which has left players perplexed and frustrated.

In this guide, we will delve into the Iron Throne quest bug, the measures players can take to avoid it, and the potential workarounds while awaiting an official fix from the developers at Larian Studios.

How to Fix BG3 Iron Throne Quest Aftermath Bug

The Iron Throne quest bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a known issue that has been acknowledged by the developers. This bug can manifest in various ways, potentially blocking progression in the game and leading to frustration for players attempting to complete the quest.

To address this issue effectively, some players on the Steam community and Reddit suggested a few solutions as mentioned below.

Avoid Killing Gortash Prematurely

To minimize the risk of encountering the Iron Throne quest bug, players are advised not to kill Gortash before freeing the Duke. This is a crucial step in the quest progression, and disrupting the intended order of events may trigger the bug.

Do Not Sit in the Submersible’s Chair Prematurely

Similar to the first precaution, players should refrain from sitting in the submersible’s chair before ensuring that all prisoners have been freed. Rushing through the quest can lead to unintended consequences, including potential bugs.

Load a Save

Load a save from before you start the Iron Throne quest. This should be a point where you can backtrack and possibly avoid the bug.

Talk to Redhammer

Go to the submersible and engage in a conversation with Redhammer, an NPC involved in the quest. During this conversation, express that you are not yet ready to start the quest.

Solutions suggested by Reddit users.

Return to Redhammer

After you’ve finished exploring and feel ready to tackle the Iron Throne quest, return to the submersible and speak with Redhammer again.

Now, express your readiness to start the Iron Throne quest. Following these steps may help circumvent the bug.

If, despite taking precautions and attempting the workaround, you still encounter the Iron Throne quest bug, it’s essential to report the issue to Larian Studios’ customer support.

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