Baldurs Gate 3 Find Dribbles The Clown Guide


Baldurs Gate 3 Find Dribbles The Clown Guide

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a cool mission called “Find Dribbles the Clown.” As you walk around the lively streets of Rivington, you’ll learn that a famous circus performer named Dribbles is missing.

The ringmaster, Lucretious, from the Circus of the Last Days, asks for your help to find Dribbles, whether he’s okay or not.

BG3 Find Dribbles The Clown Mission

Finding Dribbles is really important. He didn’t just disappear – something serious happened. His body parts are scattered, and you need to put them together like a puzzle to figure out what happened to him.

1. Start Your Search With Popper The Kobold

Your first clue lies south of the circus, at the stall of Popper, the kobold merchant. Examine the severed hand on his table – it belonged to Dribbles! This grisly discovery marks the beginning of your hunt.

2. Delve Into The Open Hand Temple Crypt

Next explore the Open Hand Temple Crypt near the circus. Go down into the dark underground and get ready to battle. Beat the creatures inside the crypt and take the Clown’s Torso from them once you win.

3. Explore The Lower City’s Dark Alleys

Head to the Lower City, a labyrinth of narrow streets and hidden dangers. Near the imposing Basilisk Gate Barracks, a small house holds a grim secret: the Clown’s Pelvis lies on a lifeless body within.

4. Uncover Secrets In Baldur’s Mouth

You go to Baldur’s Mouth, the city’s printing press. Walk down the sloping road on the building’s west side, then go down through a barricaded hatch. Inside the Peartree home, you’ll find the Clown’s Arm held by the unlucky Courageous Little Kimmabeth.

5. Reach The Grim Conclusion At Lavernica’s Home

Your final stop is Lavernica’s home, nestled northwest of the Inner Wall Teleport Sigil. Brace yourself for what awaits – the Clown’s Head rests on a desecrated altar.

Returning Dribbles To Rest

With all the pieces gathered, return to Lucretious. He’ll use his necromantic powers to reassemble Dribbles, though the clown’s fate remains uncertain. Whether he finds peace or suffers an even grimmer destiny is up to you.

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