Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Open Spider Gate

Lovekaran Singh

Baldur's Gate 3 How To Open Spider Gate

In the goblin camp of Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a big gate with spiders guarding it. It might seem hard to get past them, but don’t worry! If you’re clever, you can find sneaky ways to get through and continue your adventure.

How To Open Spider Gate In BG3

Here’s how to open spider gate and defeat the spider’s defenses in baldur’s gate 3:

Speak To Animals

  • Make friends with the spiders in the pit using a spell or potion that lets you talk to animals.
  • Persuade them that the goblins are tasty, and they might open the gate for you.
  • Remember to be careful! Invisibility potions can help you go in and out without anyone noticing.

Using Lockpicks

  • If you’re good at solving puzzles, you can use lockpicks to open a locked door.
  • Go through the hole near the boss room, and unlock the door from the inside.
  • But be careful not to make noise and alert the guards; make sure you’re really skilled at it!

Illusions And Distractions

Cast the “minor illusion” spell to create a diversion, like a phantom goblin attack. While the guards scramble, dash towards the lever and flip the switch before they realize the trickery.

Timing is everything, so be prepared for a mad dash!

Shoot The Lever With An Arrow

Try hitting a faraway lever with your arrow or by using a spell like “mage hand.” Be careful, though – if you miss, you could attract a bunch of angry spiders!

Use A Barrel

Lure a nearby barrel close to the gate and create a makeshift shield. Hide behind it, then sneak past the guards and activate the lever. T

his method requires a bit of finesse and timing, but it can be a stealthy solution for those who prefer to avoid conflict.

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