Baldur’s Gate 3 Wildheart Barbarian Build Guide

Krish Shukla

The Wildheart Barbarian is a ferocious Barbarian subclass that focuses on dealing powerful melee damage. Unlike the Berserker, they don’t gain bonus actions but instead call upon a spirit animal for additional combat abilities while raging.

Wildhearts excel at close quarters combat thanks to their martial weapon proficiency and high Constitution. Although they can’t wear heavy armor, medium armor like half-plate can give them high AC.

BG3 Wildheart Barbarian Build

For backgrounds, choose one with the Athletics skill. For race, Gold Dwarves work well due to their resistances, hit points, and darkvision. Wood elves are also good with their bonuses to Dexterity, movement, and stealth.

Prioritize Strength for damage and Constitution for hit points. Put points into Dexterity for AC. Your spread should look like:

  • Str 18
  • Dex 14
  • Con 17
  • Int 8
  • Wis 12
  • Cha 8


At level 1, you gain Rage which grants advantage on Strength checks and resistance to damage.

At level 2, Reckless Attack gives advantage on attack rolls at the cost of enemy advantage against you. This is mitigated by your resistances and hit points.

At level 3, choose the Wildheart subclass. Gain access to Bestial Hearts which grant abilities while raging. Eagle Heart and Elk Heart are useful for repositioning.

At level 4, take the Ability Score Improvement feat to max out Strength and Constitution.

At level 5, gain Extra Attack for two attacks per turn.

At level 6, choose an Aspect of the Beast for additional benefits.


Use two-handed weapons like the Everburn Blade for high damage. Wear medium armor for a high AC.

Use Reckless Attack and Extra Attack for maximum damage. Combining Reckless Attack with the Great Weapon Master feat at level 8 further increases damage.

At higher levels, choose different Bestial Hearts to try out different abilities. Tiger Heart allows you to deal massive damage with Tiger’s Bloodlust.


The Everburn Blade is a great two-handed weapon that deals both slashing and fire damage. Wear medium armor like half-plate for a high AC. Use magic items like the Haste Helm to boost movement speed.

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