Fix BlazBlue Entropy Effect screen freezing/flickering and lag issue

Jatin Chhabra

Fix BlazBlue Entropy Effect screen freezing/flickering and lag issue

BlazBlue: Entropy Effect offers an intense and fast-paced gaming experience, but nothing can ruin the excitement faster than encountering screen freezing, flickering, or lag issues. Whether you’re in the midst of an intense battle or exploring the game’s vibrant world, these technical issues can be frustrating and disrupt your gameplay flow.

How To Fix BlazBlue Entropy Effect Screen Freezing/Flickering and Lag Issue

If you’re experiencing screen freezing, flickering, or lag problems in BlazBlue: Entropy Effect. Here are several steps by Steam Community you can take to troubleshoot and resolve these issues, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game without interruption.

Check Your Computer Configuration

The first step in addressing screen freezing, flickering, or lag issues in BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is to ensure that your computer meets the game’s system requirements. Verify that your hardware specifications, including CPU, GPU, and RAM, meet or exceed the minimum requirements specified by the game developer.

Additionally, make sure that you’re not running the game on integrated graphics, especially if you’re using a laptop. For Steam Deck users, manually setting the game’s Proton version to Proton 8.0-3 may help resolve compatibility issues and improve performance.

Storage Type

The type of storage device you’re using can also impact the performance of BlazBlue: Entropy Effect. If you’re playing the game from a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), consider switching to a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs offer faster read and write speeds compared to HDDs, which can result in smoother gameplay and reduced loading times.

Restart the Game

If you encounter screen freezing, flickering, or lag during gameplay, a simple solution is to restart the game. Press the ESC key to return to the main menu, and then re-enter the game. Despite the interruption, rest assured that your progress will be saved, even during battles. Restarting the game can help refresh the game’s state and clear any temporary glitches or performance issues that may be causing screen freezing or lag.

Proton Compatibility

For Steam Deck users or those playing BlazBlue: Entropy Effect on Linux through Steam’s Proton compatibility layer, stuttering issues may arise due to compatibility with the default Proton version. To address this, consider switching to Proton 8.0-3, which some users have reported as providing a smoother gameplay experience.

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