Fix Blood on The Ice Skyrim Bug

Krish Shukla

blood on the ice skyrim bug

Skyrim, the epic open-world fantasy RPG developed by Bethesda, is renowned for its immersive gameplay and vast world. However, like any complex game, Skyrim is not without its bugs and glitches.

Fortunately, the Skyrim community, particularly on Reddit, has come together to share various solutions to tackle this bug. In this article, we will explore some of the suggestions provided by Reddit users to fix the Blood on the Ice bug and get players back on track.

how to Fix Blood on the Ice Skyrim bug

Here are some solutions suggested by users on Reddit to fix this issue. Follow the methods below to solve Blood on the ice Skyrim bug.

Install Version 1.4 of the Official Skyrim Patch

One of the first and most commonly recommended solutions to the Blood on the Ice bug is to ensure that you have the latest official patch installed. Version 1.4, or any subsequent updates, often come with bug fixes and improvements that can address quest-related issues.

Console Commands: prid 1B11D and moveto player

For those comfortable with using console commands, a Reddit user suggests a method involving the commands “prid” and “moveto player.”

After exiting Hjerim, the player can open the console and input “prid 1B11D” to select Calixto, the key character associated with the quest. Following this, “moveto player” brings Calixto directly to the player’s location, preventing him from getting stuck inside.

Bat Files: Buy Hjerim and CleanButcher

Another Reddit user provides a more intricate solution involving the use of batch files. By placing specific files in the Data folder and executing the commands “bat BuyHjerim” followed by “bat CleanButcher,” players attempt to rectify issues related to the quest’s progression.

Use setstage Command

For players who prefer a more hands-on approach and want precise control over the quest’s progression, the “setstage” command can be a valuable tool.

By using “setstage questID# Stage#” in the console, players can manually adjust the quest’s status. This allows for skipping problematic stages or forcing the completion of certain objectives, potentially bypassing the bugs that hinder normal progression.

Avoid Restoration Master Spell and Collette Marence

A preventive measure suggested by the Skyrim community is to steer clear of the Restoration Master Spell and to avoid asking Collette Marence about the quest. While not a direct solution to the Blood on the Ice bug, this advice aims to prevent potential triggers that might exacerbate the issue.

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