Fix Cities: Skylines 2 Garbage Problem


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fix Cities: Skylines 2 garbage problem

Cities: Skylines 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular city-building simulation game, brings forth new challenges and opportunities for players to create and manage their virtual urban landscapes. One of the critical aspects that players must master is garbage management.

Neglecting this crucial element can result in a cascade of issues, from decreased citizen happiness to increased crime rates and the looming threat of disease outbreaks. In this article, we will delve into the importance of effective garbage management in Cities: Skylines 2 and explore strategies to build a thriving metropolis.

How to Fixing the Cities: Skylines 2 Garbage Problem

Garbage management is an important aspect of city building in Cities: Skylines 2. If you don’t manage your garbage properly, your city will quickly become dirty and polluted. This can lead to some problems, including decreased happiness, increased crime, and even disease outbreaks.

Reduce traffic congestion

Garbage trucks can’t get around if they’re stuck in traffic. Make sure to connect different areas of your city directly and avoid relying on a small number of roads to connect everything. You can also use public transportation and bike lanes to reduce car traffic.

Use the waste transfer system correctly

The waste transfer system can help to reduce traffic congestion and improve garbage collection efficiency. Place waste transfer facilities in strategic locations throughout your city and connect them to your waste processing complexes.

Add more waste processing capacity

If your garbage trucks are constantly full, you need to add more waste processing capacity. You can build new waste processing complexes or upgrade existing ones.

Downsize your roads

Four-lane roads are not necessary for most cities in the early game. They can cause unnecessary congestion. Try downgrading your roads to two lanes and see if that helps to improve garbage collection.

Place your waste processing complexes close to your garbage trucks’ garages. This will reduce the amount of time that the trucks spend driving to and from the complexes. Use landfills to dispose of excess garbage. 

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