Rogue Trader Commorragh Walkthrough: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 of Rogue Trader takes you on a thrilling and dangerous journey through the twisted labyrinthine streets of Commorragh, the infamous Dark City of the Drukhari.

This sprawling metropolis of darkness and depravity serves as the home to the sadistic and cruel Drukhari, a race renowned for their hedonistic pursuits and sadistic practices.

Rogue Trader Commorragh – Chapter 2

As a Rogue Trader, your objective is clear: escape and return to the safety of your ship. Navigating this treacherous environment requires cunning, courage, and a healthy dose of pragmatism.

Your Objective: Escape the Darkness

Your primary goal in this chapter is to navigate the treacherous streets of Commorragh and find a way to escape the clutches of the Drukhari.

This means navigating a web of dangers, including:

  • The Kabals: These are the warring factions of the Drukhari society, each led by a ruthless and powerful Archon. Each Kabal seeks to accrue power, resources, and slaves through conflict and subterfuge. You’ll need to either avoid them, form alliances, or prepare for combat depending on your circumstances.
  • The Wych Cults: This sect of Drukhari are the gladiatorial elite, entertaining the masses in brutal arena battles. Driven by drugs and pain, they represent a formidable force in combat. You’ll need to either face them in the arena or navigate their twisted games of violence.
  • The Haemonculi Covenants: These are the nightmarish surgeons of the Drukhari, obsessed with the manipulation of flesh and the creation of grotesque abominations. Masters of torture and pain, they can heal or cripple with a single touch. Your journey may require enduring their trials or striking a bargain with these twisted entities.

Survival Through Wit and Resources

To survive the horrors of Commorragh, you’ll need to rely on your wit, charisma, and courage. Alongside your unique skills, you’ll need to utilize various resources found within the city, including:

  • Weapons: From blades and pistols to rifles and grenades, you’ll find a multitude of weapons in Commorragh. Each weapon boasts unique stats and effects, such as damage, range, accuracy, and special abilities. Choose wisely based on the situation and enemy.
  • Armor: Leather jackets, helmets, power armor, and even force fields are among the defensive options available in Commorragh. Each piece of armor offers distinct stats and effects, including protection, mobility, and stealth. Choose the armor that suits your environment and anticipated threats.
  • Drugs: The Drukhari rely on a variety of drugs to enhance their performance, including stimulants, painkillers, hallucinogens, and poisons. Each drug offers unique benefits and drawbacks, influencing your health, speed, strength, and perception. Utilize these substances strategically to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

A World of Danger and Opportunity

Commorragh is a realm of both peril and possibility. It is a place where you can encounter unimaginable horrors or acquire immense glory. Will you succumb to the darkness, or will you be the one to escape its grasp? The choice is yours, Rogue Trader.

Remember, Rogue Trader: Commorragh is a place of both danger and opportunity. Embrace the challenge, make the right choices, and you may just find your escape from this twisted realm.

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