Fix Diablo 4 Potent Blood Fountain Bug


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how to fix Diablo IV potent blood fountain bug

The Potent Blood Fountain bug in Diablo IV is a game-breaking bug that prevents players from collecting Potent Blood, a new form of currency that is essential for upgrading and unlocking vampiric powers. The bug causes the Potent Blood to spawn in the fountain’s center, making it unreachable. In this guide, we will be providing some proven fixes suggested by players to fux Potent Blood Fountain Bug.

How to Fix Diablo 4 Potent Blood Fountain Bug

This bug has been affecting players since the release of the game, and Blizzard has not yet released a fix. However, there are a few workarounds Suggested by Reddit users that can be used to collect Potent Blood until the bug is fixed.

Teleport to Town and Back

This is the most common workaround and has been reported to be successful by many players. To do this, simply teleport to town and then back to the fountain. The fountain should disappear and allow you to pick up the Potent Blood.

Use the Leap Skill

Barbarians can use the Leap skill to jump from one side of the fountain to the other and collect the Potent Blood from the center.

Pick up the Blood from the Lower-left Corner

Some players on Blizzard Forum have reported that they have been able to pick up the Potent Blood from the lower-left corner of the fountain. To do this, try to position yourself in the lower-left corner and spam the pickup button.

The Potent Blood Fountain bug is having a bad impact on players. New players are particularly affected by the bug, as they need Potent Blood to improve their powers and progress through the game.

Veteran players who have a sufficient amount of Potent Blood are not as affected by the bug, but they are still unable to collect new Potent Blood, which can limit their ability to upgrade their powers.

Blizzard has acknowledged the Potent Blood Fountain bug and has said that they are working on a fix.

Blizzard responded to Potent Blood Fountain Bug

They have not yet released a release date for the fix, but they have said it will be released soon.

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