Fix Dota 2 Courier Bug


Fix Dota 2 Courier Bug

In the dynamic world of Dota 2, every player knows the importance of the courier, the trusty messenger that delivers crucial items to aid in battles across the map. However, recently, a frustrating bug has been plaguing the Dota 2 community, causing couriers to malfunction unexpectedly.

we’ll explore this issue and delve into some simple yet effective solutions proposed by players themselves.

How To Fix Dota 2 Courier Bug

To fix the Dota 2 courier bug, start by dropping an item from the stash onto the fountain’s ground and have the courier retrieve it. Alternatively, move the courier to the secret shop or drop a cheap item and cancel the retrieval command.

Also, check for locked items, ensuring they’re unlocked or dropped. These simple steps can often restore the courier’s functionality, allowing for smoother gameplay in Dota 2.

Drop an item from the stash

When faced with the courier bug, try purchasing any item and dropping it from your stash onto the fountain’s ground. Then, instruct your courier to retrieve the item. This action often resets the courier’s functionality, allowing it to resume its duties smoothly.

Move the courier to the secret shop

If you encounter the bug and have no immediate need for items from the secret shop, consider directing your courier to this location. Although not guaranteed, some players have reported that moving the courier to the secret shop and subsequently selling it may rectify the issue.

Drop a cheap item

Another workaround involves dropping a low-cost item onto the ground and instructing your courier to pick it up. Once the courier retrieves the item, cancel the command to transfer all items from the stash. This action may trigger a reset, resolving the courier bug.

Check for locked items

Occasionally, locked items can contribute to the courier bug, particularly if they are stored in the courier’s backpack. Check for any locked items and ensure they are either unlocked or dropped onto the ground before attempting to use the courier again.

This simple step could eliminate the bug’s occurrence.

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