How To Drop Key Items In Palworld

Lovekaran Singh

How To Drop Key Items - Palworld

In Palworld, important things like golden tickets help you move forward. But, if your bag is too full, don’t worry! Dropping these items is easy, and here’s a guide on how to do it smoothly.

Palworld Drop Key Items

Here’s an easy way to do Drop Key Items without feeling stressed about keeping track of things.

Step 1: Access Your Inventory

Firstly, you need to access your inventory. Press the “I” key on your keyboard or locate the inventory button on your screen. This will reveal your precious collection of gathered resources, crafted tools, and, of course, those essential key items.

Step 2: Locate The Key Item

Now, scan your inventory for the key item you wish to drop. Remember, these are often unique and hold special significance, so they’ll usually stand out from your regular loot.

Step 3: Release The Item

Once you’ve found the chosen key item, simply click and hold on it. Drag it out of your inventory window and onto the ground in the world.

Step 4: Confirm The Drop

A pop up will appear on your screen asking if you’re sure you want to drop the key item. This is your last chance to reconsider! If you’re positive, click “Yes” to confirm the drop. The item will then rest on the ground, ready for your next interaction.

If you dropped the wrong key item? No worries! Simply approach it and press the “E” key on your keyboard or use the interact button on your screen. The item will be back in your inventory, ready for another attempt.

Some key items, like quest-related ones, are vital for progression and cannot be dropped. Always check the item’s description in your inventory if you’re unsure about its droppability. Losing a crucial key item can hinder your journey, so proceed with caution!

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