Fix EA Sports WRC Screen Tearing Issue

Lovekaran Singh

fix ea sports wrc screen tearing

Screen tearing is a common graphical glitch that can plague even the most polished games. In EA Sports WRC, this unwelcome visitor manifests as horizontal splits across the screen, disrupting the high-speed thrills of rally racing.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to tame this tearing beast and reclaim your smooth racing experience.

How To fix ea sports wRC screen tearing

Screen tearing occurs when the game’s frame rate, or the number of images it generates per second, doesn’t synchronize with your display’s refresh rate, the number of times it updates the image.

While the root cause remains the same, the cure varies depending on your platform of choice:

For PlayStation 5

  • Ground Cover Off: Some users report smoother visuals with this setting disabled.
  • Motion Blur Off: Trading a touch of cinematic flair for performance can be a worthwhile compromise.
  • Patch It Up: Developers have addressed tearing in specific stages; keep an eye out for future updates.

For Xbox Series X:

  • Embrace V-Sync: This setting attempts to synchronize frame rate and refresh rate, potentially eliminating tearing.
  • Dial Down the Details: Lowering resolution or graphical quality can free up resources and stabilize performance.
  • Hope for the Patch: As with PS5, future updates might bring tearing fixes for additional stages.

For PC:

  • Tweak the Settings: The in-game benchmark tool is your friend. Experiment with different settings to find the sweet spot between performance and fidelity.
  • Sync or Swim: Enable V-Sync, G-Sync, or FreeSync depending on your display’s capabilities to smooth out the frame rate.
  • Driver Duty: Update your graphics drivers and Windows to ensure optimal system performance.

By understanding the cause, implementing platform-specific solutions, and utilizing universal tips, you can reclaim your smooth rally racing experience and enjoy EA Sports WRC to its full potential.

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