Elegant Mother Persona 3 Reload Walkthrough

Lovekaran Singh

Elegant Mother Persona 3 Reload Walkthrough

Deep in Tartarus, secrets lurk, and on the 80th floor, the Elegant Mother stands guard with a mysterious charm. Don’t let her graceful appearance fool you; this mini-boss, known as Monad Door, is strong enough to challenge experienced Persona users. This guide will help you face her with style and come out on top.

Elegant Mother Walkthrough: Persona 3 Reload

Here’s how to face elegant mother with elegance and emerge victorious:

Location And Preparation

  • Found on Floor 80F of Tartarus, Yabbashah Block.
  • Recommended level: 28+.
  • Stock up on Dis-Poison items and healing spells like Media.

Understanding The Enemy

  • Weaknesses: Fire (Exploit it with Agi/Agilao for All-Out Attacks).
  • Resistances: Dark (Don’t waste your magic!).
  • No null, repel, or absorb resistances.

Strategies For Dominance

  • Unleash the Inferno: Remember, fire is your friend. Exploit her weakness with Agi/Agilao spells to open her up for devastating All-Out Attacks. Let the flames do the talking!
  • Counter the Poisonous Cloud: Don’t underestimate her deceptive tactics. Be ready to dispel the Poison Mist with Dis-Poison items or endure it with Media. Don’t let her venom slow you down.
  • Stay Healthy: Her Demonic Decree can inflict heavy damage on a single target. Keep your HP high to avoid becoming a victim of her swift judgment.

Remember, your encounter with the Elegant Mother is just a chapter in your Persona journey. Persona 3 Reload is about more than just combat. It’s about self-discovery, forging bonds with your SEES companions, and unraveling the mysteries of the Dark Hour.

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