ELEX 3 Cancelled, Piranha Bytes Studio Faces Closure


ELEX 3 Cancelled, Piranha Bytes Studio Faces Closure

In a shocking turn of events, the highly anticipated ELEX 3 has reportedly been cancelled, leaving fans and the gaming community in dismay. The renowned Piranha Bytes studio, responsible for iconic titles such as Gothic and Risen series, is now facing an uncertain future. The situation has been exacerbated by the studio’s removal from the German government’s list of supported game projects, along with a substantial cut in funding.

ELEX 3 Cancelled

The German government’s support for Piranha Bytes’ latest project, allegedly titled WIKI6 (believed to be ELEX 3), has been abruptly withdrawn. According to information available on the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s website, the funding for the project, which was initially estimated to be around 3 million Euros, has been rescinded. This unexpected development has cast a dark shadow over the studio’s financial stability.

The official Piranha Bytes website appears to be semi-down, fueling concerns about the studio’s current state. Visitors to the site are greeted with an ominous message, leaving many to wonder about the fate of Piranha Bytes and the future of their beloved game projects.

The lack of recent activity on Piranha Bytes’ official YouTube channel has also raised eyebrows. Fans have noticed a sudden cessation of content since November, a stark departure from the studio’s usual engagement with the community. The silence on the official channel has only added to the growing speculation surrounding the fate of Piranha Bytes.

Adding to the uncertainty is the broader trend within the gaming industry. Parent company Embracer Group, under the umbrella of THQ Nordic, has been shutting down studios at an alarming rate. This has led to heightened anxiety among Piranha Bytes’ loyal fan base, who fear that the studio may become the latest casualty in a series of closures within the gaming industry.

ELEX 3 Cancelled, Piranha Bytes Studio Faces Closure

Many users have shared their opinions, reflecting on the studio’s history and the mixed reception of its recent titles.

One user expressed nostalgia for Piranha Bytes’ earlier successes, stating, “Gothic 2 is one of my all-time favorite games, and I have pre-ordered every game of theirs since Gothic 2 Gold.” However, the sentiment was tinged with a sobering reality check, pointing out the troubled launches and commercial struggles of titles like Gothic 3 and the Risen series.

Gothic 3, in particular, faced severe criticism upon release, with the gaming press highlighting its disastrous launch. The subsequent loss of the Gothic franchise dealt a significant blow to Piranha Bytes. While Risen 1 was praised for its excellence, it was not without flaws, notably an unpopular end boss. Risen 2, on the other hand, was criticized for its departure from the series’ roots, leading to concerns about its commercial success.

The Risen series continued with Risen 3, but it failed to gain the same recognition as its predecessors. ELEX, released in 2017, marked a return to form for Piranha Bytes, earning praise from fans for its engaging gameplay and world design. However, its commercial success remains a point of speculation.

ELEX 2, according to user opinions cited from various sources, seems to have struggled commercially compared to its predecessor. This downward trajectory has only deepened concerns about Piranha Bytes’ future, especially in the wake of the alleged cancellation of ELEX 3.

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