Enshrouded Hunter Vault Puzzle Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Enshrouded Hunter Vault Puzzle Guide

The quiet secrets of Enshrouded’s canyons are like a mysterious dance, calling brave adventurers to discover them. One of these secrets is the Hunter Vault, a special place from a long time ago. To get inside, you’ll have to solve a tricky and dangerous puzzle. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you, like a torch lighting the way to find the hidden treasures in the vault.

Reaching The Remnant

Your journey begins at the Longkeep, where the shadows of the Shroud stretch long and menacing. Cast your gaze northeastward, across the chasm choked with swirling mist. It is there, nestled amidst the ancient stone, that the Hunter Vault awaits.

Though the path may seem treacherous, fear not! Deploy your trusty glider and ride the thermals, letting the wind carry you closer to your destination. Once your boots touch solid ground, prepare yourself for the trials that lie ahead.

Unveiling The Puzzle’s Layers

  1. Step through the imposing doors of the vault, and brace yourself for the symphony of blue electric bolts dancing within.
  2. Navigate this electrifying gauntlet with precision and grace, for a single misstep could send you plummeting back into the abyss.
  3. As you ascend the stairs bathed in the flickering flames of braziers, let your eyes adjust to the dimness.
  4. To your left and right, two doors stand locked, their secrets guarded by cryptic symbols.

The Key Unlatched

The first key to unlocking the vault’s secrets lies within your grasp. Focus your aim and let an arrow fly, striking the switch nestled upon the pillar to your right. A satisfying click echoes through the chamber, and the rightmost door creaks open, inviting you deeper into the unknown.

Within The Guarded Chamber

Step through the threshold and into the hushed embrace of the next chamber. Here, amidst the shadows, lies the second switch, its activation imperative for your continued progress. But the path to its touch is fraught with peril. Stand near the warmth of one of the braziers, and with a surge of adrenaline, launch yourself into a daring leap.

As you soar through the air, unfurl your trusty glider, catching the wind’s embrace. Your eyes must be sharp, for above the locked door lies a hidden grapple point, a beacon in the gloom. Time your swing with precision, and let your grip find purchase on the ledge above.

Claiming The Prize

With newfound footing, approach the third and final switch. Its activation will break the final enchantment, and the door to your left will yield. Step through and claim your well-deserved reward – an epic Bronze Sword, forged in the fires of forgotten battles and imbued with the power to cleave through even the toughest of foes.

The Hunter Vault puzzle stands conquered, its secrets laid bare. But remember, adventurer, this is but one step in your grand odyssey. The Shroud holds countless mysteries yet to be unraveled, and within each forgotten ruin lies the potential for untold riches and perilous challenges.

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