Enshrouded Lost In The Shroud Quest Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Enshrouded Lost In The Shroud Quest Guide

In the magical land of Enshrouded, where old secrets mix with cursed lands, you, the Flameborn, are the last bit of hope for a dying group of beings. As you travel through the dangerous land, one special mission is important—the mysterious “Lost in the Shroud.”

In this guide, we’ll uncover the secrets of this mission, giving you important tips and strategies to get through the dangerous Shroud.

What Is The Deadly Shroud?

When you first uncover the map in Enshrouded, you’ll notice areas marked with the Shroud. The Shroud manifests in two forms:

  • Blue Shroud: A safe haven, marked in blue on the map. Explore freely within the time limit determined by your Flame Level.
  • Red (Deadly) Shroud: Marked in red, this is forbidden territory. Entering leads to swift demise due to rapidly draining time. Stay vigilant of the clear borders!

Upgrading Your Flame Level

Your Flame Level dictates your Shroud Passage Level, influencing which areas you can safely traverse.

  • Start with Level 1: Allows access to early Shroud areas in Springlands.
  • Upgrade Your Flame: Progress through the story and acquire specific items to boost your level (currently up to Level 6 for Kindlewastes access).

Strengthening Your Flame

Seek these items to strengthen your Flame and conquer tougher Shroud zones:

  • Recipes: Consult our Progression Guide for recipes that enhance your flame’s power.

Lost In The Shroud Quest Walkthrough

The “Lost in the Shroud” quest unfolds in stages:

  1. Awakening: Find yourself in a metal structure guided by a flickering flame. The Elixir, both a blessing and a curse, unleashed the Shroud.
  2. The Journey Commences: Follow the flame’s lead, gathering resources, solving puzzles, and deciphering ancient messages woven into the landscape.
  3. Confronting the Shroud: When quests lead you into red Shroud zones, upgrade your Flame Level to proceed. Seek the necessary items to deepen your connection with the flame.
  4. Survival is Key: Remember, the Deadly Shroud is unforgiving. Plan your movements meticulously, respecting its lethal power.

With courage, wit, and a well-fueled Flame, you’ll conquer the “Lost in the Shroud” quest and delve deeper into the mysteries of Enshrouded. Good luck, Flameborn!

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