Fix Enshrouded Sharpshooter Skill not working

Jatin Chhabra

Fix Enshrouded Sharpshooter Skill not working

In the world of Enshrouded, mastering the Sharpshooter skill in the Ranger path is essential for maximizing ranged damage and gaining an edge in combat. However, if you find that your Sharpshooter skill isn’t delivering the promised +20% ranged damage boost and instead displays a mere +10% in your character details. there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

How to Fix Enshrouded Sharpshooter Skill Not Working

These are the steps by Steam Community that help you to fix this issue.

Skill Point Allocation

The first step is to ensure that you’ve correctly allocated skill points to the Sharpshooter perk. It’s possible that a simple oversight or misunderstanding led to an incorrect distribution of skill points. Access your character’s skill tree and verify that you’ve invested points into the Sharpshooter perk as intended.

Skill Reset

If you suspect that there’s an error in your skill point allocation or if you’ve made changes that haven’t resolved the issue, consider performing a skill reset. This will provide a clean slate for redistributing your skill points and rectifying any inconsistencies.

Activate your main Flame Alter and choose the “Reset Skill Points” option to initiate the reset process. Once your skill points have been reset, carefully allocate them to ensure that the Sharpshooter perk receives the appropriate investment.

Run as Administrator

Right-click the Enshrouded game executable and select the “Run as administrator” option from the context menu. Running the game with administrative privileges can help resolve certain compatibility issues and ensure that the game functions correctly.

DPI Settings

Adjust the DPI (dots per inch) settings for the game executable to potentially resolve graphical or interface-related issues. Access the properties of the game executable, navigate to the “Compatibility” tab, and enable options such as “high DPI scaling override” and “program DPI.” Experiment with different settings to find the configuration that works best for your system.

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