Fix Enshrouded The Queen’s Tomb Door Bug


Fix Enshrouded Shroud Missing/Disappeared

The world of gaming is a captivating realm filled with mystery, challenges, and, at times, unexpected bugs. One such issue that has perplexed players in the gaming community is the Enshrouded Queen’s Tomb Door bug.

This glitch prevents players from progressing further in the game despite successfully activating all four locks. we will explore various solutions and strategies to overcome this bug, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

How To Fix Enshrouded The Queen’s Tomb Door Bug

To fix the Enshrouded Queen’s Tomb Door Bug, restart the game if the door remains closed after activating all locks. Ensure precise item placement and check for any discrepancies.

Navigate to the Queen’s Catacombs, solve riddles, and unlock the room by deactivating all four locks to overcome this gaming glitch.

Restart the Game

Despite diligently activating all four locks, the main gate stubbornly remained closed. However, they stumbled upon a simple yet effective solution – restarting the game.

By fully closing the game and then reopening it, the user successfully resolved the bug and continued their journey through the tomb. This method might seem basic, but it has proven to be a quick fix for many players facing a similar issue.

Check the Position of Items

In such cases, it is crucial to double-check the precise placement of the items. Ensuring that each item is in its designated position can be the key to unlocking the tomb door.

Minor discrepancies in placement might go unnoticed, leading to unnecessary frustration. By meticulously verifying the alignment of the items, players can eliminate this potential cause of the bug.

Navigate to the Queen’s Catacombs

Before delving into the bug-fixing strategies, it is essential to understand the context of the Enshrouded Queen’s Tomb. To reach the tomb, players must embark on a journey northeast from the Hill of Scavengers.

As the road forks, taking the west path will lead directly to the entrance of the tomb. Once there, players are met with a locked front door, which can be opened by utilizing a Lockpick.

Solve the Riddles

Upon gaining entry, players are confronted with two plaques on either side, each presenting a riddle. Interacting with either plaque unveils clues on how to access the locked room at the far end of the tomb.

Solving these riddles is a crucial step in progressing through the Enshrouded Queen’s Tomb.

Unlock the Room

The ultimate challenge lies in the locked room at the far end of the initial corridor, secured by four locks. Players must discover and deactivate all four locks to gain access to the mysteries within.

This stage is where the Enshrouded Queen’s Tomb Door bug often manifests, disrupting the seamless flow of the game.

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