Entrance to catacombs guide: Escape from Tarkov

Lovekaran Singh

Entrance to catacombs guide Escape from Tarkov

Underneath Tarkov, there are twisting tunnels like a maze. They hide secrets, dangers, and treasures for those who are brave (or maybe a little foolish) to explore. But, to get in, you have to first find the tricky entrance.

Escape from Tarkov Entrance to catacombs

This guide will help you learn how to go from the sewers to the big opening of the tunnels, where your Tarkov adventure really starts.

Sewer Serenade

  • You start your adventure in the dark Tarkov sewers. It smells bad, like old water and rot, but don’t let that bother you.
  • Go right from where you begin and follow the main path in the underground maze.
  • Look out for things like bent pipes, blinking lights, and sometimes a rat running around. These will help you know where you are.

Blue Beacon in the Gloom

As you go further into the sewer, you’ll see a nice thing: a blue building by itself in the dirty concrete. This special building has a light that flickers above its door, showing you where to go.

Be careful, though, because the area around the building is known for being a hangout for Scavs and other not-so-friendly creatures.

Through the Looking Glass

Getting to the blue building is just the beginning. Now, you need to get inside by finding a secret door on the left side. It might look ordinary, but it’s the gateway to a mysterious place. Now, open the door.

The Descent Begins

Once you step inside, it gets really dark. The air smells old and dusty, and you can hear water dripping far away. You’ve just discovered the entrance to the Tarkov catacombs.

Now, you get to choose where to go. But be careful, because the shadows hide secrets, and there might be dangers you can’t see.

Walk cautiously, adventurer, as the catacombs only share their treasures with those who prove themselves worthy.

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