Escape From Tarkov Golden Swag Quest Guide


Escape from Tarkov Golden Swag Quest Guide

Completing the “Golden Swag” quest in Escape from Tarkov is tough! You’ll need to use your skills, know the map well, and be good at moving around in intense battles.

If you can do it, you’ll get lots of rewards like XP, reputation, Roubles, and a awesome new carbine.

Golden Swag Quest Escape From Tarkov

Here are the steps to complete the Golden Swag Quest:

Step 1: Accept The Golden Swag

Firstly, head to Jaeger, the enigmatic trader found in the Hideout.

Accept the “Golden Swag” quest and prepare for a two-part scavenger hunt across Tarkov’s treacherous landscapes.

Step 2: Key To The Factory

  • Your first objective is to get the “Key with tape.
  • This elusive gem unlocks a special room in the Factory map, holding the key to your golden prize.
  • You can find it in Scav pockets, stashes, or even on the Flea Market if you’re feeling lucky.

Step 3: Factory Attack

  • Head to the Factory map, a claustrophobic labyrinth of industrial machinery and lurking PMCs.
  • Navigate the treacherous third floor and locate the locked room.
  • Stealth is your friend here, as drawing attention can quickly turn into a fiery demise.

Step 4: Claim The Golden Zibbo

Open the door quietly and go into the room. Your special reward is there: a shiny golden Zibbo lighter, a sign of the hidden treasures in Tarkov.

Remember that you can only get this lighter if you’ve taken on the quest!

Step 5: Stash The Swag In Customs

  • Alright, it’s time for the big challenge! Head to Customs, a big map with open spaces and exciting battles.
  • Your goal is to reach the bunkhouse in the trailer parking lot south of Big Red.
  • Be careful, though—this spot is where players often meet and have intense battles. Stay sharp!

Step 6: Secure The Swag And Get Rewards

Unlock the bunkhouse with the Trailer park portable cabin key (provided by Jaeger) and stash the Zibbo.

If you survive the extraction, a wave of rewards awaits: XP, reputation boost, Roubles, and a SoyuzTM STM-9 Gen.2 carbine – a powerful weapon to conquer the Tarkov streets.

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