Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Guide


Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4 Guide

Escape from Tarkov’s Gunsmith Part 4 quest poses a thrilling challenge for players, tasking them with transforming the AKS-74U into a weapon of precision. To embark on this journey, head to Prapor, Tarkov’s reliable trader, and acquire the AKS-74U rifle.

The quest necessitates careful acquisition of specific components, including the AKS-74U Dust Cover, Recoil Pad, Handguard, Gas Tube, and Muzzle Device from various traders. Once armed with these essentials, navigate to the modding screen and embark on the intricate process of transforming the AKS-74U.

Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 4

Escape from Tarkov’s Gunsmith questline is a rite of passage for players, challenging them to modify firearms to exact specifications. Gunsmith Part 4 introduces a complex task, demanding players to transform the AKS-74U into a weapon of precision.

we’ll navigate the intricate steps of Gunsmith Part 4, from acquiring the necessary components to optimizing the rifle and claiming your well-earned rewards.

Procure the AKS-74U and Essential Parts

The journey begins with a visit to Prapor, the trusty trader in Tarkov. Purchase the AKS-74U rifle from him, the canvas upon which you’ll craft your masterpiece. Additionally, gather the essential parts listed below:

  1. AKS-74U Dust Cover (purchased from Prapor LL2)
  2. AKS-74U Recoil Pad (purchased from Prapor LL2)
  3. AKS-74U Handguard (purchased from Skier LL2)
  4. AKS-74U Gas Tube (purchased from Skier LL2)
  5. AKS-74U Muzzle Device (purchased from Mechanic LL2)

These components form the foundation of your modified AKS-74U.

Modifying the AKS-74U

Navigate to the modding screen for the AKS-74U, where you’ll perform the intricate surgery required to meet the quest’s criteria. Drag and drop each part into its respective slot, or use the “Edit preset” option for a detailed view of available parts and their impact on the rifle’s stats. Proper installation is crucial for success.

Verify and Optimize the Rifle’s Stats

Attention to detail is paramount in Gunsmith Part 4. Hover over the modified AKS-74U to inspect its stats in the tooltip. Alternatively, perform a “Linked search” in the flea market to cross-check the stats. Ensure your modified rifle meets the following criteria:

  1. Ergonomics: 50 or more
  2. Recoil sum: 220 or less
  3. Effective distance: 400m or more

Optimizing ergonomics and minimizing recoil contribute to better handling while ensuring an effective distance ensures versatility in different combat scenarios.

Turn in the Quest to the Mechanic

With your modified AKS-74U meeting the quest’s stringent requirements, it’s time to claim your rewards. Open the quest menu, locate Gunsmith Part 4, and click “Turn in” to present your handiwork to Mechanic. Your efforts will be rewarded with experience points, currency, and the satisfaction of conquering another Gunsmith challenge.

Experiment with Ammunition

Consider experimenting with different ammunition types to enhance your AKS-74U’s performance. Opt for rounds with desirable penetration and damage characteristics for a more potent weapon.

Test in Offline Mode

Before venturing into live raids, utilize the game’s offline mode to test your modified AKS-74U in various scenarios. Familiarize yourself with its handling, recoil, and overall performance to gain a tactical advantage.

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