Evony Monster Attack Guide: How to Attack Monsters in Evony


Evony Monster Attack Guide

In Evony: The King’s Return, players can attack monsters to gain rewards, such as gold, resources, and experience. Monsters are scattered around the map, and their level varies. Players can only attack monsters that are lower level than their own.

In this guide, we will cover the following:

  • How to find monsters in Evony
  • How to attack monsters in Evony
  • Tips for attacking monsters in Evony

How to Attack Monsters in Evony

Monsters can be found all over the map in Evony. They are usually found in the wild, but they can also be found in certain areas, such as the Monster Forest. To find monsters, you can use the Monster Map. The Monster Map shows all of the monsters that are currently spawned on the map.

To attack a monster, you need to send a march to the monster’s location. The march will then engage the monster in battle. The outcome of the battle depends on the strength of your march and the strength of the monster.

Tips for Attacking Monsters in Evony

Here are a few tips for attacking monsters in Evony:

  • Use the Monster Map to find monsters that are lower level than your own.
  • Send a march that is strong enough to defeat the monster.
  • Use troops that have a high attack bonus against the monster’s type.
  • Use buffs to increase the strength of your march.
  • Use debuffs to weaken the monster.

Attacking monsters is a great way to gain rewards in Evony. By following the tips in this guide, you can increase your chances of success.

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