Fix Fallout 76 Cheating Death Bug

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Fallout 76 Cheating Death Bug

In Fallout 76, the Wasteland is really big, and even experienced players can face problems because of annoying glitches. There’s a bug called the “Cheating Death Bug” that’s causing trouble for players trying to stay alive or finish quests. But don’t worry, Vault Dwellers! This guide will help you understand how to deal with this frustrating problem.

The bug shows up during the “Cheating Death” quest. Lou’s important note, which you need to move forward in the quest, disappears suddenly, like a ghost. This missing note is crucial for the story, and without it, players get stuck and can’t continue their adventures.

How To Fix Fallout 76 Cheating Death Bug

Players who are excited to solve Lou’s experiments and move forward in the Wasteland get stuck in a frustrating cycle. Not being able to finish the quest not only stops their progress but also makes their Fallout experience less fun because they feel disappointed.

While Bethesda scrambles to patch this pesky glitch, resourceful Dwellers have devised a few workarounds:

Check & Change Server

This easy dance includes switching servers, moving characters, and maybe making that missing note come back. It’s a fast solution, but it might not always work to get rid of the problem.

Skip a Note

To get past the metal gate and skip a note in the quest, you can use a cool trick called the Photomode glitch. Some people don’t like it, but if you’re really stuck, it might help you out.”

Leave and Return the Cave

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. Leaving the cave and returning can sometimes refresh the quest, potentially bringing the note back into its rightful place.

If you’re having trouble in the game and nothing else works, reach out to Bethesda support. They need your information to fix problems and make sure everyone can have fun in the game world.

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