Fallout 76: Eat A Cobbler Which Is Not A Pie Mission Guide


Fallout 76 Eat A Cobbler Which Is Not A Pie Mission Guide

Fallout 76, the popular online multiplayer game released in 2018, offers players a variety of challenges to keep the gameplay engaging.

One such challenge that has sparked interest and discussion among players is the “Eat a Cobbler, which is not a Pie” mission.

Cobblers in Fallout 76 are dessert items akin to pies but distinguished by their unique crust. For the purpose of the “Eat a Cobbler” challenge, two specific types of cobblers come into play.

Fallout 76 “Eat A Cobbler Which Is Not A Pie”

Crafting these cobblers at a cooking station with the right ingredients is crucial to completing the challenge.

1. Cranberry Cobbler

  • Thick-crusted cobbler made with cranberries.
  • Provides a moderate XP boost, moderate healing of HP, satisfies hunger, and gives a medium dose of radiation.
  • Does not count as a pie for challenges.
  • Craftable at a cooking station after obtaining cranberries.

2. Starlight Berry Cobbler

  • Craftable at a cooking station after obtaining starlight berries.
  • Provides an endurance boost, which does not stack with other endurance-boosting foods but will stack with drinks and chems.

Completing the Challenge

To fulfill the “Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie” mission, follow these steps:

1. Gather Ingredients

Grab that plump cranberry and a hefty chunk of wood. Remember, just one cranberry is all you need for a delightful cobbler!

2. Visit Cooking Station

Head back to your cozy camp and navigate to the trusty cooking station.

3. Navigate to All Food Section

Find the “All Food” section and search for the “Cranberry Cobbler” recipe. No need for fancy pie fillings here!

4. Set Quantity And Craft

Click “Make” and watch as your culinary masterpiece comes to life. Remember, quantity is optional, one cobbler is enough to satisfy the challenge.

5. Consume The Cobbler

Finally, consume the Cranberry Cobbler, and you’ll finish the quest, getting you 250 points!

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