Fallout 76 Starlight Berries Location


Fallout 76 Starlight Berries Location

Starlight Berries are very important in Fallout 76. You can use them to make Berry Mentats, which help boost your SPECIAL stats, and they also add a cool touch of color to your camp.

But where to find these glowing berries? Don’t worry, this guide will show you exactly where to get plenty of Starlight Berries!

Where To Find Starlight Berries in Fallout 76

Here’s how to find starlight berries in fallout 76:

The Deep

Explore The Mire, located southwest of Vault 76. In this radioactive area, you’ll find 18 Starlight Creeper bushes.

There are 13 near the bottom and 5 close to the cave’s western entrance.

Black Mountain Ordnance Works

In an old weapons factory near Charleston, there are lots of special Starlight plants.

Look around, especially by the TNT dome #4 that you can’t get into, to the north and east of the broken buildings, and along the roads to the west and southwest.

You’ll find a total of 12 bushes.

Bolton Greens

At the intersection of Routes 95 and 91, east of Bolton Greens, three Starlight Creepers stand sentinel beside the unassuming utility poles. 

Keep an eye out for the southeast corner, the first pole west of the intersection, and the fourth pole south.

Charleston Landfill

  • Head due west of the landfill, where the road meets the railroad tracks. 
  • Look for an unmarked trailer nestled beneath a tree.
  • Three Starlight bushes hide there, waiting to be plucked.

Gorge Junkyard

South of the junkyard, near the I-59 and Route 61 intersection, a farm field shelters two Starlight Creepers. Keep an eye out amidst the rusty husks!

Fallout 76 Starlight Berries Location

Gauley Mine

West of Gauley Mine, two Starlight bushes gleam across the train tracks, a welcome respite from the Scorched hordes.

Isolated Cabin 

This lonely abode, north of Freddy Fear’s House of Horrors, offers more than just spooky vibes. Two Starlight bushes flank the cabin, ready to be harvested.

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

Descend into the basement and ground floor of this abandoned research facility. 

While no bushes grow here, you’ll find seven loose Starlight Berries waiting to be claimed.

Point Pleasant

Ascend to the rooftop with the Mothman throne in Point Pleasant. On a side altar, a single Starlight Berry awaits, a tribute to the winged cryptid.

Starlight Berry locations can shift slightly over time, so consult the Fallout Wiki for the latest intel.

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