Fix Fatigue Glitch Madden 24 Franchise

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Fatigue Glitch Madden 24 Franchise

Ever noticed your Madden 24 Franchise stars getting winded faster than a paper fan in a hurricane? You’re not alone, coach. A rogue glitch has been zapping players’ stamina, leaving them gasping for air by the second quarter. But fear not, gridiron guru! Here’s your playbook for tackling this fatigue fumble:

How to Fix Fatigue Glitch Madden 24 Franchise

Here are several Troubleshooting steps to solve the fatigue glitch:

Change Settings

First things first, grab your playbook (we mean the in-game one, not your dog-eared binder). Head to the main menu and dive into Settings. From there, navigate to Franchise Settings, then Gameplay Options.

Tackle the “Fatigue” Option

Scroll down until you see the culprit: “Fatigue.” Don’t be fooled by its seemingly innocent name. This is the gremlin messing with your players’ stamina levels. Click on it and switch it from the glitchy “Normal” to the customizable “Custom.”

Dial Up the Default Stamina

Now, grab the “Fatigue Slider.” The sweet spot for normalcy is 50, so slide that puppy right to the middle. This resets your stamina settings to the good ol’ default, the way Madden intended.

Save Your Playbook (and Sanity)

Don’t forget to hit “Save Settings” before heading back to the main menu. It’s like calling an audible at the line of scrimmage – make sure those changes stick!

Load up your Franchise and get ready for a fresh, fatigue-free game. Your players should be back to their energetic selves, ready to dominate the gridiron.

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