Where To Find Liquid Escape In Remnant 2

Lovekaran Singh

Where To Find Liquid Escape In Remnant 2

Have you ever been in a tough spot while playing a game and felt like you were about to lose? Imagine you’re battling a big boss in a game called Remnant, and you’re almost out of hope with just a rusty shotgun.

Don’t worry! There’s something called Liquid Escape that can help you.

It’s like a magical potion that lets you come back to life at the last place you saved in the game, and you won’t lose any of the progress you’ve made.

Remnant 2: Find Liquid Escape

So, where to find this life-saving elixir in Remnant:

1. Inventory Check

Firstly, check your Consumables tab in the inventory. Liquid Escape comes pre-equipped and is infinitely reusable, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

2. The Merchant Saviors

Need to restock or haven’t had the luck of the draw yet? Head over to Ward 13 and seek out your friendly neighborhood merchants, Reggie and Bedel Of Vaunt.

Both these enterprising souls stock Liquid Escape for a reasonable price, ensuring you’re never too far from a swift escape.

3. Hidden Depths

While not a guaranteed method, some eagle-eyed players have reported finding Liquid Escape tucked away in chests or as random loot across Remnant’s labyrinthine worlds.

With Liquid Escape in your arsenal, you can face any foe and conquer any dungeon with a bit more confidence.

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