Fix Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme Bug

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme Bug

Alan Wake 2 can have some problems with glitches, like the “Nursery Rhyme Bug.” This issue can be annoying because it keeps players stuck in a certain puzzle called the Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme. But don’t worry! There are ways to get out of this problem and keep moving forward in the game.

How To Fix Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme Bug

The bug rears its ugly head when you place a doll in the Witchfinder’s Station puzzle, but remain trapped, unable to exit and proceed. This can leave you feeling like you’ve wandered into a particularly nightmarish children’s book.

Here are several troubleshooting methods to fix nursery rhyme bug in alan wake 2:

1. Restart The Game And Console

First, try the classic tech-tonic: a good old-fashioned reset. Shut down your game and console, then boot them back up. Sometimes, a fresh start is all it takes to banish the bug.

2. Try Clicking ‘B’ Button

If the first method fails, channel your inner Alan Wake and engage in some strategic button mashing. Spam the “B” button (or your platform’s equivalent) repeatedly. While not the most elegant solution, it has been known to break the spell and allow you to escape.

3. Save And Quit

If the button-mashing proves ineffective, try the “Save & Quit” maneuver. Save your progress, then quit the game entirely. Reload your save, and the bug might have vanished, leaving you free to continue your investigation.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek help from the Alan Wake 2 community. Online forums and social media groups are often treasure troves of user-discovered solutions. Share your experience and see if fellow players have encountered (and vanquished) the same bug.

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