Fix Nightingale Performance Issue


Fix Nightingale Performance Issue

Nightingale players may encounter performance issues just after launching the game. Whether you’re facing stuttering, lag, or other performance-related problems, this guide offers a comprehensive approach to troubleshooting and fixing Nightingale’s performance issues.

How to Fix Nightingale Performance Issue

To address performance issues in Nightingale, several troubleshooting steps can be taken. Firstly, it’s crucial to remove any mods or unofficial fixes applied to the game, as these may interfere with its performance.

Even though Nightingale is a newly released game, ensuring that no third-party modifications are causing issues is essential for smooth gameplay. Following this, installing the necessary Visual C++ Redistributable packages directly from the Microsoft website can help resolve compatibility issues and improve overall performance.

Next, players experiencing input delay or inconsistency can try disabling Steam Input for Nightingale. This involves accessing the game’s properties within the Steam client and unchecking the box next to “Enable Steam Input.”

Additionally, rebooting the PC before launching Nightingale can help refresh system resources and clear any temporary issues that may be affecting performance. Running the game directly from its executable file in the installation folder may bypass launcher-related issues and provide a smoother gameplay experience.

For players encountering compatibility issues with newer operating systems, running Nightingale in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and disabling full-screen optimization can be beneficial.

This can be done by accessing the game’s properties, navigating to the compatibility tab, and selecting the appropriate settings. Performing a clean boot, which minimizes background processes and services, can also help identify and resolve conflicts that may be impacting performance.

Furthermore, ensuring that Nightingale runs on the dedicated GPU, especially for systems with two GPUs (integrated and dedicated), can significantly improve performance. Players can adjust GPU settings through their respective control panels to ensure that Nightingale utilizes the powerful dedicated GPU. Finally, trying both Steam launch options (-dx11, -dx12) can help determine which DirectX version provides optimal performance.

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