How To Fix Overlapping Builds In Palworld

Lovekaran Singh

How To Fix Overlapping Builds In Palworld

Creating your own cool world in Palworld is super fun, but sometimes things get tricky when buildings don’t want to work together and start acting weird. Fixing these problems can be like solving a puzzle, but don’t worry, brave Pal-builder! This guide has all the tips you need to make sure everything fits perfectly and you can build the awesome world you have in mind.

Palworld Fix Overlapping Builds

Here’s how to solve the overlapping problems and create the world you imagine without any issues.

1. Flatten The Battlefield

Remember, Pal pals love flat surfaces just like we do. Choose a clear, level area for your build to avoid unwanted collisions with the terrain.

2. Try Rotating

  • Sometimes, a simple twist of the wrist can solve your woes.
  • Try rotating your build in different directions. Y
  • ou might be surprised how a slight shift can magically eliminate overlaps.

3. Build Away From Walls

Walls are great, but they can also be claustrophobic for your structures. Give your build some breathing room by placing it away from walls.

This reduces the chance of unwanted overlaps and lets your creation shine.

4. Grounds Vs Foundations

Ditch the fancy foundation and embrace the earthy embrace of the ground. Sometimes, placing your build directly on the ground can work wonders, especially if you’re dealing with pesky foundation-related overlaps.

5. Reset And Reload

Technology can be fickle. If the above solutions don’t work, a good old-fashioned restart might be the answer. This can clear any temporary glitches causing the overlaps.

If all else fails, remember you’re not alone! The Palworld developers are always working to improve the game. Use the report bug feature to let them know about your overlapping woes.

Remember, certain objects have specific placement restrictions. Don’t try building your Palbox near a special bus facility, for instance. The game will kindly (or not so kindly) remind you.

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