Fix Ready or Not Black Screen Issue

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Ready or Not Black Screen Issue

Ready or Not, the tactical SWAT simulator, can be incredibly immersive… until it’s not. A dreaded black screen at launch can leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a hostage negotiation gone wrong. But fear not, fellow operators!

Here’s your tactical guide to fixing the Ready or Not black screen and reclaiming your streets.

How To Fix Ready or Not Black Screen Issue

Before diving into technical fixes, give the game a few minutes to load. Sometimes, a little patience is all it takes. While you wait, double-check that your Windows and graphics drivers are up to date. Fresh drivers can often work wonders.

1. Verify your game files

Missing or corrupted files can be the culprit. Right-click Ready or Not in your Steam library, choose Properties, then Local Files, and finally “Verify integrity of game files.”

2. Mod it out

If you’re using mods, try disabling them one by one to see if the black screen disappears. Check the Ready or Not Steam forums for specific mod removal instructions.

While some mods enhance your experience, they can occasionally conflict with the game, causing black screens.

3. Disable Anti-Virus

Sometimes, overzealous anti-virus software can interfere with game launches. Try temporarily disabling it to see if the issue persists.

4. Consult the community

The official Ready or Not Discord has a dedicated tech-support channel where you can get help from fellow players and the developers themselves.

5. Clean Install

If nothing else works, a clean reinstall might be necessary. This involves completely removing and then reinstalling Ready or Not. Be sure to follow the detailed steps provided in the original post to ensure a smooth process.

With these strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be back in the thick of the action in no time. Remember, even the most seasoned operatives encounter technical blackouts sometimes. The key is to stay calm, adapt, and conquer the darkness!

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