Fix fortnite medallions not working

Lovekaran Singh

Fix fortnite medallions not working

If you’ve been frustrated lately with your medallions not fully replenishing your shield in Fortnite, hold off on blaming a bug! Epic Games recently implemented a significant change to how medallions work, and while it might take some getting used to, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Previously, medallions instantly healed your shield to 100% upon acquisition. Now, medallions only heal for a portion of your shield, maxing out at 50% unless you have all 5.

Additionally, there’s a slight delay before regeneration begins and the overall rate has been reduced.

How to Fix Fortnite Medallions Not Working

Epic Games aimed to address concerns about the overwhelming advantage medallions offered, particularly in competitive modes like Zero Build Cash Cups. The instant 100% shield regen could turn the tide of a fight instantly, making some feel the risk-reward balance was off.

While the “instant shield” days are over, the new medallion system opens up different strategic possibilities:

Collect ’em all

Having all 5 medallions now grants you the coveted 100% shield regen, rewarding proactive players who seek out multiple medallions.

Prioritize early grabs

Grabbing medallions early game remains crucial, especially for securing initial engagements and rotations.

Use medallions tactically during fights. Popping one just before a push or peeking out of cover can give you a crucial edge.

Don’t despair, Fortnite fans! While the medallion meta has shifted, it’s not a death sentence.

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