Fortnite Patch Notes Today: Lock-On Pistol

Lovekaran Singh

Fortnite Patch Notes Today Lock-On Pistol

Today’s Fortnite patch notes bring back a controversial weapon, the Lock-On Pistol, and introduce new challenges for Week 6. Let’s jump in and see what’s new.

Lock-On Pistol Returns

The Lock-On Pistol was first added in Chapter 4 – Season 2 and allows players to lock onto targets without aiming. However, it takes time to lock on, leaving the player exposed to enemy attacks.

The pistol can be found in most loot sources, including chests and floor loot.

The Lock-On Pistol has been a controversial weapon in the past, but many players have learned how to defend themselves against it.

The weapon’s lock-on speed and fire rate have been improved in the latest update, and its damage has been increased from 25 to 375.

New Challenges For Week 6

In addition to the Lock-On Pistol, the patch notes also include new challenges for Week 6. By completing these challenges, players can earn more than 100,000 XP and level up their Battle Pass.

Here are some of the Week 6 challenges:

  • Deal 500 damage with the Lock-On Pistol
  • Destroy 10 structures with the Thunder Spear
  • Eliminate 3 players in vehicles
  • Place top 25 in Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads
  • Dance at different Reality Trees (3)

Other Changes

  • The Thunder Spear’s damage has also been increased, and it should explode faster after pulling the fuse.
  • Epic Games released this content update without requiring any downloads. Instead, the development team pushed out the new content and activated it on live servers.

We expect another major update to arrive later this month.

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