Fortnite Zoo Escape Level 24 Guide


Fortnite Zoo Escape Level 24 Guide

Level 24 introduces players to the captivating but challenging peacock-themed stage. As you embark on this journey, expect intricate obstacles and complex maneuvers that will test your skills.

The ultimate goal is to escape the level by navigating through a series of obstacles and reaching the designated exit point. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you triumph over the peacock challenge:

Fortnite Zoo Escape Level 24

Fortnite Zoo Escape presents players with a myriad of challenges, each level requiring unique strategies and precise execution. Level 24, famously known as the peacock level, stands out as one of the most demanding stages in the game.

Navigating through this level successfully requires careful planning and precise movements. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to conquer Level 24 and overcome the peacock challenge.

Open the Door from Inside

  1. Locate the Wooden House: Begin by identifying the wooden house near the peacock. This is where your journey starts.
  2. Enter the Wooden House: Approach the wooden house and find the entrance. Open the door from the inside to proceed to the next step.

Navigate the Exterior

  1. Exit the Wooden House: Step outside the wooden house and prepare for the upcoming challenges.
  2. Door Platform: Direct your attention to the top of the door you just opened. Jump on the door to create a platform for your next moves.
  3. Leap to the Wooden House Door: From the door platform, make a precise jump onto the door of the wooden house. This may require careful timing and coordination.

Traverse the Wooden Bar

  1. Climb Up: Once on top of the wooden house door, climb up to the higher level.
  2. Run Along the Wooden Bar: Move along the wooden bar with agility. Be cautious, as any missteps may lead to setbacks.

Make the Jump

  1. Prepare for the Leap: As you reach the end of the wooden bar, assess the distance to the target area.
  2. Jump Across into the Pound: Execute a well-timed jump to land safely on the opposite side, into the pound. Precision is key to avoiding falling short or overshooting your destination.

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