How To Get An Appreciation Ticket In Monster Hunter World

Lovekaran Singh

How To Get An Appreciation Ticket In Monster Hunter World

The Grand Appreciation Fest and Appreciation Fest – times for feasting, fireworks, and fabulous fashion in Monster Hunter World! But guess what? There’s a special prize called the Appreciation Ticket waiting for someone special!

Appreciation Ticket In Monster Hunter World

These rare tickets let you make cool gear and see awesome fireworks during your adventures. Follow this guide to get your tickets:

1. Complete Limited Bounties

  • These fleeting quests hold the key to ticket abundance.
  • During the festivals, new bounties appear daily, each offering Appreciation Tickets upon completion.
  • Mark your calendars, hunter, and ensure you tackle these before they vanish!

2. Claim The Daily Login Bonus

Logging in daily during the festivities grants you a precious Appreciation Ticket. Consistency is key, so make it a part of your celebratory routine.

3. Festive Deliveries

Some friendly creatures need your help at the festivals, and they say thanks with Appreciation Tickets. Keep an eye out for tasks they give you – you might get cool rewards!

4. Joining SOS Flares

Join low or high-rank SOS flares. If you emerge victorious, not only will you have aided a comrade, but you might also be showered with Appreciation Tickets – a win-win!

5.Special Arena Quests

Some keen-eyed hunters have spotted Appreciation Tickets lurking within the rewards of certain Special Arena quests.

While not a guaranteed source, it’s worth a shot if you’re eager to bolster your ticket stack.

With your special tickets, you can go right to the fun part of the celebration!

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