How To Get Argon Crystals In warframe


How To Get Argon Crystals In warframe

Argon Crystals are important in Warframe. They’re like special gems that Tenno need for making cool Warframes, weapons, and Lenses. The tricky part is, these gems disappear after just 24 hours. But don’t worry, Tenno friends, you can still go out and find them before they vanish!

Where To Find Argon Crystals

Argon Crystals are a rare resource in Warframe that can be found in the Orokin Void tileset, Isolation Vault Bonus stage, and from certain Assassination targets .

1. Orokin Void

Your primary hunting ground. Argon Pegmatite deposits, glittering like forgotten jewels, offer a guaranteed harvest. Smash open containers, lockers, and even enemies – they might cough up a crystal or two.

2. Bonus Stage

The Isolation Vault’s bonus stage throws a handful of crystals your way, but it’s a one-time treat.

3. Assassination Targets

Some elite foes, like Teshub and Ani, have a chance of dropping Argon Crystals – a worthy bonus to your hard-earned victory.

Farming Techniques

Here are Optimized Argon Crystal Farming Strategies:

Capture & Exterminate

Quick and efficient, these missions let you focus on smashing open Argon deposits. Ember, Nova, or any AoE Warframe are your friends here.

Carrier with Vacuum is a valuable partner, ensuring no crystal slips through the cracks.

Defense & Survival

Patience is key here. Team up with Desecrate Nekros, Pilfering Hydroid, and Smeeta Kavat for maximum loot. In Survival, find a defensible chokepoint and let the enemies come to you.

A dedicated tank like Rhino keeps the Life Support humming.

Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission

Maroo’s Void-based missions offer a decent chance of Argon Crystals, making them a worthwhile detour.

Best Warframes for the Hunt

  • Pilfering Hydroid: His tentacles snatch loot from fallen foes, increasing your Argon haul.
  • Speed Nova: Zoom through missions with her portals, saving precious time.
  • Energy Vampire Trinity: Keeps the squad powered up and ready to smash.
  • Desecrate Nekros: Gives enemies a second chance to cough up crystals, doubling your potential gains.

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