Ghost Recon Wildlands: Sam Fisher Mission Guide


Ghost Recon Wildlands Sam Fisher Mission Guide

Join forces with Sam Fisher in Operation Watchman, a super cool stealth mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

This guide will help you sneak into a UNIDAD base with the awesome Splinter Cell agent without setting off any alarms.

Sam Fisher Mission: Ghost Recon Wildlands

Here’s how to sneak through the mission and rescue Sam without getting caught:

Step Into The Caimanes

Your journey begins in the Caimanes province, where a mission marker beckons.

A briefing will reveal your objective: infiltrate the heavily guarded UNIDAD base and rescue Sam Fisher, all while maintaining a strict “no takedowns” policy.

Master Of Shadows

  • Before diving headfirst into the lion’s den, utilize your trusty drone.
  • Scout the perimeter, identify enemy patrol routes, and pinpoint Sam’s location within the base.
  • Every bit of intel counts when navigating this labyrinth of laser grids and watchful guards.

Ghostly Maneuvers

Stay in the dark and use shadows to stay hidden. Use cover and distractions to avoid being seen.

Be careful because if you shoot, set off alarms, or defeat Unidad soldiers, you might get caught and fail.

The Splinter Cell Factor

Once inside the base, Sam Fisher becomes your priority. Use your drone to track his cell location, staying vigilant against patrolling guards and security cameras.

Remember, silence is your weapon.

Escaping The Dragon’s Maw

With Sam in tow, the exfiltration phase kicks in. This is where your tactical skills truly shine.

Coordinate with rebel support and hired guns to create diversions and eliminate any roadblocks. Remember, teamwork makes the infiltration dream work.

If the Unidad forces manage to overwhelm you, fret not! You’ll respawn at the designated point, ready to try again.

Remember, patience and precision are key. Learn from your mistakes, adapt your tactics, and emerge victorious alongside Sam Fisher.

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