Fix Granblue Fantasy Review Bombing Error


Fix Granblue Fantasy Review Bombing Error

In the vast world of online gaming, occasional technical hiccups are inevitable. Granblue Fantasy, a popular Japanese role-playing game, has recently found itself under the storm of review bombing due to persistent errors affecting players’ experiences.

However, it’s crucial to address these issues constructively rather than letting negativity overshadow the game’s merits. we’ll explore the common errors, understand the reasons behind the review bombing, and provide practical solutions to enhance the gaming experience for all.

How To Fix Granblue Fantasy Review Bombing Error

To address the Granblue Fantasy review bombing error, players can take specific actions. Firstly, updating graphics card drivers is crucial for optimal performance. If encountering error codes like “030e-0000,” allowing the game through the firewall resolves connectivity issues. To tackle network problems, using a VPN proves beneficial.

Users should also check for Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues and consider switching if necessary. Utilizing Google Public DNS enhances connection stability. These practical steps empower players to contribute to a positive gaming experience and counter the negative impact of review bombing.

Update Graphics Card

Staying on top of graphics card updates is a fundamental step toward resolving potential compatibility issues in Granblue Fantasy. By regularly updating graphics card drivers, players can ensure optimal performance and mitigate graphical glitches that may hinder the gaming experience.

Players are encouraged to regularly check for updates and ensure that their graphics card drivers are optimized for the latest version of the game.

Allow Through Firewall

If you encounter a specific error code like “030e-0000,” it might be related to firewall settings. Users have suggested allowing Granblue Fantasy through the firewall to mitigate these issues.

This step ensures that the game has the necessary permissions to communicate with external servers, potentially resolving connectivity problems associated with firewalls.


For players experiencing network-related problems, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been suggested as a potential solution. Some users have successfully stabilized their connections and reduced latency by utilizing a VPN service.

This can be particularly useful for players in regions with unreliable internet infrastructure or facing regional restrictions.

Check for ISP Issues

In some instances, the root cause of the problem may lie with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Players experiencing persistent issues are advised to investigate their ISP’s performance and consider switching providers if necessary.

Resolving ISP-related problems can significantly improve the overall stability of the connection and enhance the gaming experience.

Use Google Public DNS

Switching to Google Public DNS has been suggested as another potential solution to address connectivity issues. By using a reliable DNS service, players can ensure a more stable and efficient connection to the Granblue Fantasy servers.

This step can be particularly beneficial for players facing intermittent connectivity problems or experiencing delays in data transfer.

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