Helldivers 2 Hellbomb Bug: Fix


Helldivers 2 Hellbomb bug

Helldivers 2 players have encountered a Hellbomb bug. This bug can occur when attempting to destroy certain structures like research stations or fuel silos.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Hellbomb Bug

One solution suggested by Steam Community users is to use Anti-Tank (AT) capable ordnance or weapons to destroy the Hellbomb. These weapons are specifically designed to deal with armored targets like the Hellbomb.

Another important tip is to ensure precision when targeting the Hellbomb. If using precision strike abilities, make sure to place the target marker as close as possible to the structure containing the Hellbomb.

Furthermore, if you’re using beacon-based attacks, such as airstrikes, it’s crucial to place the beacon on the ground right next to the structure housing the Hellbomb.

Additionally, the 500kg eagle bombs, have proven effective in taking out the Hellbomb. If you have access to these bombs, consider bringing them along on your missions as a precaution.

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