HELLDIVERS 2 Save Game And Config File Location

Lovekaran Singh

HELLDIVERS 2 Save Game And Config File Location

With the impending arrival of HELLDIVERS 2 on February 8th, many brave troopers are eager to dive headfirst into the Super Earth’s hostile landscapes. But what about preserving your hard-earned progress and customizing your experience? That’s where save files and configuration settings come in!

While official details from Arrowhead Game Studios are still under wraps, the PCGamingWiki offers some intel on where to expect those crucial files to be stashed. Buckle up, Helldivers, because here’s the intel:

Save Game Location

Navigate to <Your Steam Directory>/steamapps/compatdata/881020/pfx/

Keep in mind that this path might change depending on future updates or your Steam settings.

Configuration File Location

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the config file remain shrouded in mystery. We’ll have to scour the battlefields on launch day to pinpoint its exact location. Once discovered, it’ll likely reside within the game’s installation directory or the “Documents” folder on your PC.

Game Save Manager

If locating the save files proves tricky, fear not! Tools like GameSave Manager can assist you in navigating the digital trenches and safely securing your progress.

As the launch date approaches, stay tuned for further intel drops on the save game and config file locations.

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