How To Beat Bushi Palworld

Jatin Chhabra

How To Beat Bushi Palworld

Bushi, the fiery adversary in Palworld, presents a formidable challenge with its fireball and sword dash attacks. Conquering Bushi requires a combination of strategic planning, the right selection of Pals, and tactical combat skills.

A Tactical Guide to Beat Bushi in Palworld

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective strategies to defeat Bushi, from choosing the right Pals to executing combat tactics and successfully capturing this powerful opponent.

Choose the Right Pals

Bushi’s vulnerability lies in its Fire Element nature, making Water-type Pals the perfect counter. Pals such as Relaxaurus, with a water affinity, prove to be effective choices against Bushi’s fiery assaults.

Ensuring that your Water-type Pals are adequately leveled up is crucial, particularly when dealing with a Level 23 Bushi. Early-game Water Pals can suffice if trained appropriately to handle the challenges that Bushi presents.

Combat Tactics

  1. When entering combat with Bushi, approach the encounter with a strategic mindset. Plan your moves based on your Pals’ strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Take note of Bushi’s attack patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly. A well-thought-out plan can make a significant difference in the outcome of the battle.
  3. Avoid getting cornered by Bushi. Creating distance between your Pals and the fiery opponent provides room for maneuvering and effectively responding to Bushi’s attacks.

Beware of Fireball and Sword Dash Attacks

  • Bushi’s fireball and sword dash attacks can deal substantial damage. Stay vigilant during the battle and be ready to dodge or counter these formidable moves.
  • Learning the timing of Bushi’s attacks is crucial for anticipating and avoiding them successfully. Mastering the art of evasion can keep your Pals agile and resilient in the face of adversity.

Lower Bushi’s Health Gradually

Avoid rushing into a confrontation with Bushi. Instead, focuses on gradually chipping away at its health bar through a series of well-timed and calculated attacks. Exploit Bushi’s elemental weakness by leveraging the abilities of your Water-type Pals. Special moves that deal additional damage to Fire Element Pals can be particularly effective.

Capture Bushi

Before attempting to capture Bushi, ensure that you’ve significantly weakened it. Keep a close eye on its health bar and strike when Bushi is in a vulnerable state.

Resist the urge to capture prematurely; instead, patiently wait for the opportune moment to increase the chances of a successful capture.

Use a Giga Sphere

  • Giga Spheres are formidable capturing tools in Palworld. When Bushi’s health is low, employ a Giga Sphere to initiate the capturing process.
  • Approach Bushi cautiously and throw the Giga Sphere when it’s safe. During the capturing process, remain vigilant and be prepared to defend against potential attacks from other Pals in the vicinity.

By diligently following these strategic steps, you enhance your chances of defeating Bushi in Palworld.

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