How To Get The Anubis In Palworld

Lovekaran Singh

How To Get The Anubis In Palworld

Anubis, the majestic two-legged Pal with a jackal head, is a formidable ally in Palworld. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to capture and tame this Guardian of the Dark Sun, harnessing its powerful ground attacks and nimble agility for your Pal-powered adventures.

Where To Find The Anubis

Anubis stalks the scorching deserts and rocky terrains of Palworld. Keep your eyes peeled for its imposing silhouette against the sun-baked sand.

How To Get Anubis

  • Battle Ready: Gear up for a fight! Anubis is a level 16 Pal, so prepare to face it early in your journey. Stock up on strong weapons and Pal Energy to weaken it before attempting capture.
  • Pal Spheres at the Ready: You’ll need a Pal Sphere to capture Anubis. Choose the appropriate sphere based on its level and temperament. Remember, a weakened Anubis is easier to capture.
  • Strategic Taming: Observe Anubis’s attack patterns and dodge its powerful moves like Sand Blast and Forceful Charge. Deal strategic blows and weaken it gradually before throwing your Pal Sphere.

Anubis’s Power

  • Ground-Shattering Attacks: Once captured, Anubis becomes a valuable asset in battle. Its ground-type attacks like Sand Blast and Forceful Charge pack a punch against enemies vulnerable to this element.
  • Partner in Crafting: Anubis is more than just a fighter. Its nimble nature allows it to work efficiently in your assembly line, crafting and creating valuable items.
  • Guardian God of the Desert: Anubis’s Partner Skill, “Guardian God of the Desert,” imbues your attacks with the ground element, adding an extra layer of power to your combat strategy.

Head out into the desert, Pal Trainer, and prepare to capture the legend himself!

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