How To Upgrade Base To Level 7 In Palworld


How To Upgrade Base To Level 7 In Palworld

In the dynamic and expansive universe of Palworld, upgrading your base is a crucial aspect of advancing your journey. Achieving a higher base level unlocks new technologies, structures, and opportunities for exploration.

How To Upgrade Base Level 7

Here is a step-by-step process for upgrading your base to level 7.

Before delving into the upgrade process, it’s essential to distinguish between base level and the personal level. Your personal level is associated with capturing Pals, with increasing XP rates for each additional Pal from the same collection. On the other hand, the base level represents the development and sophistication of your base infrastructure.

Access the Pal Box

The journey to upgrade your base begins at the Pal Box, the central hub of your base operations. Locate the Pal Box within your base and interact with it to access the various functions and features crucial for your progression.

Find the Missions Tab

Within the Pal Box interface, navigate to the ‘Missions’ tab. This section provides a comprehensive list of objectives that must be completed to facilitate the upgrade of your base to level 7. These objectives are diverse and may include tasks such as constructing specific buildings, establishing resource production sites, or cultivating specific plants.

Complete Listed Objectives

Once you’ve accessed the ‘Missions’ tab, carefully review the listed objectives required for the base upgrade. These tasks serve as milestones, guiding you through the necessary steps to enhance your base’s capabilities. Objectives can range from constructing essential structures like a hot spring or a primitive furnace to creating a berry plantation or expanding your Pal collection.

Unlock Technologies: Logging Site, Stone Pit, and Crusher

One of the notable challenges players encounter during the upgrade process is the requirement for technologies like the Logging Site, Stone Pit, and Crusher. These technologies themselves are at level 7, posing a dilemma for players stuck at base level 6.

To overcome this hurdle, prioritize increasing your personal level by capturing 10 Pals of the same type. This strategy yields increased XP rates, facilitating quicker personal level progression and unlocking the crucial technologies for base development.

Upgrade the Base

Once you have successfully completed all the listed objectives in the ‘Missions’ tab, the base upgrade becomes available. In most cases, the upgrade is free of cost, serving as a reward for your accomplishments. Click on the ‘Base Upgrade’ option within the Pal Box interface, and witness your base level up, unlocking new features, structures, and possibilities for your Palworld adventure.

Tips for Personal Level Progression

To expedite your personal level progression, consider the following tips:

  • Capture 10 of the Same Pals: Aim to capture 10 Pals of the same type to benefit from increased XP rates for each additional Pal within the collection.
  • Strategic Pal Collection: Choose a collection of Pals that align with your preferred playstyle and in-game goals. This strategic approach ensures efficient XP gains and faster personal level advancement.

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