How To Use C4 In Ghost Recon Wildlands

Lovekaran Singh

How To Use C4 In Ghost Recon Wildlands

C4 is like a powerful friend for many Ghosts in Ghost Recon Wildlands. It causes chaos for the Unidad forces and helps Ghosts move through the jungles of Bolivia. But using this explosive buddy isn’t just about pressing a button.

To be really good at it, you need to be smart, accurate, and know how to make the most of its explosive power. So, Ghosts, get ready to learn the art of using C4 in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands!

How To Unlock C4

Before you start planting plastique like a demolitions expert, you’ll need to meet a few requirements:

  • Reach Level 4: Show those cartel bosses you mean business.
  • Invest 2 Skill Points: Every good Ghost knows the value of a well-placed blast.
  • Gather 650 Medical Resources: Patching up teammates is important, but sometimes, the best medicine is a well-timed explosion.

Equipping Your Arsenal

With C4 unlocked, it’s time to equip it. Here’s how:

  1. Exit your TACMAP: Let’s get hands-on.
  2. Check your HUD: The key to explosive fun lies on your hotbar.
  3. Switch between C4 and grenades: By default, “G” (keyboard) or “LB” (controller) throws both. Use “4” (keyboard) or the left D-pad button to choose your weapon of explosive persuasion.
  4. Ready to detonate? Hold “G” or “LB” and watch the fireworks (and hopefully not your squadmates) fly.

C4 Tactics for Ghosts

C4 isn’t just for blowing things up (though it’s excellent at that too). Here are some pro tips to make your booms count:

  • Vehicle Vanquisher: Need to take out an armored truck or chopper? C4’s your best bet. Place it strategically on the vehicle or throw it for a mid-air detonation. Boom, goes the convoy.
  • Trap Master: Lure unsuspecting Unidad soldiers into a deadly surprise with cleverly placed C4. Think doorways, choke points, or even under a conveniently placed fuel tank.
  • Distraction Dynamo: Need to create a diversion while your squad flanks the enemy? C4’s your noisy friend. Place it in a strategic location, detonate, and watch the bad guys scramble while you make your move.

Remember, Ghost: C4 is a powerful tool, but use it wisely. Friendly fire is no fun, and unwanted attention can ruin your stealthy approach. So, plan your booms, aim true, and let the C4 do the talking (or rather, the exploding).

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