Fix Lego 2k Drive Split Screen Not Working Issue

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Lego 2k Drive Split Screen Not Working Issue

LEGO 2K Drive is a super fun racing game where you can play with friends and family. But sometimes, when you’re playing together on the same screen, things might not work perfectly.

So, this guide will help you fix any problems related to split screen, so you can keep having a great time playing together.

How To Fix LEGO 2k Drive Split-Screen Issue

Here are several solutions to fix the split screen issue in lego 2k drive:

1. Restart And Update The Game

Firstly, exit the game and restart it. Additionally, ensure that you have downloaded and installed any pending game updates.

Most of the glitches and bugs will be resolved with the latest game version.

2. Check Controller Connections

Navigate to the game’s main menu and verify that both controllers are connected correctly to the console, especially player 2 controller.

Some users have suggested pressing ‘Start’ on the second controller before entering any game mode.

3. Power-Cycle Your Console

Performing a power-cycle on your console can resolve these issues. Turn off your console, unplug the cable, wait for few minutes, then reconnect and restart.

4. Check Console Settings

  • Ensure that your console settings are configured correctly.
  • Navigate to the console settings, select display and sound, and then choose the video output option.
  • Confirm that the resolution is set to 1080p or lower.

6. Reinstall The Game

At last, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. This may help in clearing any corrupted data or files causing the split-screen malfunction.

By following these solutions, you increase your chances of resolving the LEGO 2K Drive split-screen issue.

If the problem doesn’t resolve after trying the above solutions, reach out to 2K Drive Support. Submit a request by providing details about your problem.

The game’s support team may offer specific guidance or solutions to your situation.

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