Lego Fortnite Crafting Bench Upgrade Level 4 Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Lego Fortnite Crafting Bench Upgrade Level 4 Guide

The Crafting Bench in Lego Fortnite is your gateway to powerful tools and weapons. But to truly unlock its potential, you need to master the art of upgrades. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to conquer Crafting Bench Upgrade 4 and unleash the Epic tier!

Lego Fortnite Crafting Bench Upgrade 4

Here’s how to navigate the tiers, gather the materials, and unleash your crafting potential!

Tiering Up

Lego Fortnite boasts four distinct crafting tiers, each one unlocking a new realm of possibilities:

  • Common: Starting point, basic tools and weapons.
  • Uncommon: Access to better materials, improved tools.
  • Rare: Powerful weapons, advanced tools for tougher materials.
  • Epic: The pinnacle, crafting legendary weapons and tools.

Upgrade to Victory

  1. Locate your bench: It’s your trusty companion, so finding it shouldn’t be a challenge.
  2. Access the upgrade menu: Approach the bench and press R. A screen will display the required materials for the next tier.
  3. Gather the goods: Explore, mine, and fight to collect the listed materials.
  4. Claim your reward: Return to the bench and press the Upgrade button when you have everything. Witness your bench transform and your crafting options expand!


Each upgrade unlocks not only new tools but also the ability to craft higher-tier materials. This opens doors to previously unavailable recipes, but remember:

  • Recipes only unlock with the first encounter of their materials. Even with an Epic bench, you won’t craft Epic shovels until you find Iron.
  • Upgrade costs vary by tier. Uncommon upgrades might require simple wood and shells, while Epic ones demand rarer resources like Brute Scales.

Upgrade 4

Reaching Upgrade 4 signifies mastery over your crafting potential. You’ll be able to forge formidable Epic tools and weapons, dominate challenges, and conquer the toughest enemies.

Gearing Up for Epic

  • Copper Bars: Found in Dry Valley Caves, refined in the Metal Smelter.
  • Obsidian Slabs: Mined in Dry Valley Caves, processed in the Stone Breaker.
  • Brute Scales: Earned by defeating the ferocious Brute enemies in any biome.

With these materials in hand and the Upgrade 4 unlocked, you’ll be crafting legendary tools and weapons in no time. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here! Keep exploring, collecting resources, and discovering new recipes. The world of Lego Fortnite awaits your crafting prowess!

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